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Sweetrip® Kids Flavored Floss Sticks

  1. Fun and appealing design to make oral care enjoyable for kids.
  2. Non-slip handle for easy grip and control during flossing.
  3. Smooth fine thread that effortlessly reaches deep into tooth gaps.
  4. Effective cavity prevention by removing plaque and food residue.
  5. Gentle on gums and teeth to ensure a comfortable flossing experience.
  6. Individually packaged for convenience and hygiene.
  7. Infused with natural fruit flavors that kids love, without added sugars.
  8. Strong and durable construction to withstand regular use.
  9. Suitable for kids’ mouths with a small opening design.
  10. Ultra-fine smooth thread that doesn’t enlarge tooth gaps.
  11. Portable oral care solution for on-the-go use.
  12. Promotes gum protection and overall oral health.


SWEETRIP®: Your Choice for Brand Partnership or Private Label Solutions

Partner with SWEETRIP®, be our brand agent and distributor, or opt for OEM/ODM services to create your own brand.

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  • MOQ for manual toothbrush: 30,000 pieces or negotiable
  • MOQ for electric toothbrush: 1,000 pieces or negotiable
  • MOQ for water flosser: 5,000 pieces or negotiable
  • Supply Ability: 500,000 Pieces per Month
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    eetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks: Make Brushing Fun for Kids

    Make brushing fun and easy for your kids with Sweetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks!

    Specially designed for children, Sweetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks feature ultra-fine, smooth threads (0.04mm) that gently remove food debris from between teeth without hurting gums or enlarging gaps. The floss is strong and durable with moderate elasticity, ensuring a gentle clean on sensitive gums.

    Fun and Engaging Design to Encourage Flossing

    The easy-grip, non-slip handle features a cartoon-inspired design that will make your child excited about flossing. Each floss stick is individually packaged for convenient and portable oral care on-the-go.

    Natural Fruit Flavors with Zero Sugar Added

    Sweetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks are flavored with natural fruit extracts and contain zero sugar added, making them a tooth-friendly option that kids will love. The natural Xylitol ingredient helps prevent tooth decay, while the gentle floss effectively removes plaque and debris.

    Instill Healthy Flossing Habits from a Young Age

    With Sweetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks, you can help your child develop healthy flossing habits from a young age, promoting good oral hygiene and preventing cavities.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-fine, smooth threads for effective cleaning
    • Strong and durable floss, gentle on sensitive gums
    • Easy-grip, non-slip handle with fun cartoon design
    • Individually packaged for portability
    • Natural fruit flavors with zero sugar added
    • Natural Xylitol ingredient to prevent tooth decay

    Make Sweetrip® Kids’ Floss Sticks your child’s best friend for brushing!

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