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Sweetrip® Soft Bristles Toothbrush For Kids (Age 6+)

Sweetrip® Soft Bristles Toothbrush For Kids (Age 6+)

  • Suitable Brush Head For a Child’s Mouth: Children’s teeth and gums are more delicate than adults, so the brush head of a children’s toothbrush is typically smaller, better adapted to the size and shape of a child’s mouth, and designed to effectively clean teeth and gums.
  • Ultra Soft Bristles: Children’s toothbrushes generally have softer bristles that are gentler on a child’s teeth and gums, reducing the likelihood of irritation. Soft bristles are also more easily accepted by children.
  • Bright and Colorful Handle Design: Children generally love bright and colorful objects, so children’s toothbrushes can feature a variety of cute patterns and colors that encourage children to enjoy brushing.
  • Safe & Environmentally Friendly Material: Children’s toothbrushes should be made of safe and eco-friendly materials to prevent children from swallowing or accidentally eating the toothbrush. Safe pigments should also be used to avoid harm to the child’s body.


If you are interested in purchasing high-quality children’s toothbrushes from our company, please send us an email for more information and pricing options.



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Brand Sweetrip®
Product No. 8102
Bristles Material PBT Bristles
Handle Material PP+PETG
Diameter Of Bristles 0.12 mm
Bristles Intensity Soft
Colors Yellow, Pink, Blue, Purple
Age 3-12 Years Old
Package Blister Card Package
OEM/ODM Available
MOQ 30,000 PCs

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