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Sweetrip® Soft Colored Bristles Toothbrush with Box Package

Sweetrip® Soft Colored Bristles Toothbrush with Box Package

  • Prevents bacterial growth: The toothbrush head is fitted with a dispersed large hole design, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth by preventing residual water and toothpaste from accumulating on the bristles. This innovative feature helps to keep the bristles clean and bacteria-free, promoting better oral hygiene and a healthier smile.
  • PETG Material Handle Design: The toothbrush handle is made from durable and wear-resistant PETG material. This material boasts high transparency and vivid color, making it an ideal choice for creating stylish toothbrush handles. Furthermore, PETG material is fully recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice for your oral care routine.
  • Box Package: We also understand the importance of convenience when it comes to your oral hygiene routine, especially while travelling. Our toothbrush packaging is designed with a stand and hook function, meaning you can effortlessly store your toothbrush in a variety of environments such as bathroom countertops, hooks, or towel rails. This reduces clutter in small spaces and minimizes your travel worries.The compact and lightweight travel case can easily fit into your cosmetic bag or luggage, protecting your toothbrush from damage while on the go.
  • Offer Customization Options: Offering customization options for both the bristles and packaging, allowing you to tailor your toothbrush to your exact preferences. This ensures that you are always using a toothbrush that meets your individual needs, providing optimal oral hygiene benefits.

Invest in our superior quality toothbrush. With our innovative features and customizable options, you can achieve a healthy and radiant smile while enjoying the convenience of hassle-free oral hygiene wherever you go. 


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Brand Sweetrip®
Product No. S501
Bristles Material PBT
Handle Material PP+PETG
Diameter of Bristles 0.15mm
Bristles Intensity SOFT
Colors Pink, Coral, Green, Purple
Package Blister Card Package
OEM/ODM Available
MOQ 30,000 PCs


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